Animal Fat

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Animal Fat is fat collected from carcasses of dead animals. This material is used to create flammable mixtures, such as low grade fuel. It is also often required for crafting ammunition, lighting units, clothing and certain types of weapons, such as a flamethrower.

How to get animal fat

Fat is extracted from the bodies of dead players or animals. In this regard, it will be better for you to hunt bears, since you can get the largest amount of fat from them. A detailed table of rewards for your grinding can be found in the article "The table of Animal fat coefficients". 8 units of fat can be obtained from a small trout.

Unnecessary items recycling

By using a recycler, you can get some fat. The table below shows with what chance and how much fat can be obtained from particular items.

Name Category Quantity Failure chance
Large Candle Set.png Large Candle Set Misc 18 -
Small Candle Set.png Small Candle Set Misc 10 -
Low Grade Fuel.png Low Grade Fuel Loot 1 50 %
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