Crude Oil

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Crude Oil is one of the types of resources in Rust. Crude oil can not be crafted at all. Currently, oil can be "transformed" into low grade fuel. This is a temporary solution, so you need to wait for new items to be added to the game which will require oil to be crafted.

How to get Crude oil

Crude oil can be found in oil barrels in the amount of 15-19 units.

Name Quantity Failure chance
Oil Barrel 15-19 100%

Crude Oil Production

Up to the 87th devblog, oil could be found by using a survey charge and collected using a pump jack. First, it was necessary to find a deposit with a charge, and put a pump afterwards. Now, there is no pump in the game, as well as other oil production systems. Currently, oil can be found in barrels exclusively. As the developers assure, this is only a temporary solution.

The result of using an explosive geological charge in the oil field
Результат подрыва геологического заряда на месторождении нефти (до 87 девблога)


2 units of crude oil can be obtained by passing Christmas coal through a recycler .

Update Log

  • [19.11.2015] [DevBlog 87] Pump jack is temporarily removed from the game. Now oil can only be found in barrels.
  • [23.07.2015] Added in game.
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