Crude Oil

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Crude Oil — is a type of resources in Rust. Crude oil can not be crafted.

Crude oil extraction

Up to 87 it was possible to find oil using the survey charge and to collect it with the help of pump jack. Firstly, it was necessary to find a good deposit with the help of charge, after which the pump would be installed. But now there is no pump in the game, as well as other systems of oil extraction. At the moment, the oil can be found in barrels. As stated by the developers, this is a temporary solution.

The result of survey charge on the oild deposit
The result of survey charge on the oild deposit (up to devblog 87)


Now, the oil can be distilled in the low grade fuel. This is a temporary solution, so it is necessary to wait for the new items added to the game, which will be need the oil to be crafted.

Update Log

  • [19.11.2015] [DevBlog 87] Pumping unit is temporarily removed from the game. Now oil can be found only in barrels.
  • [23.07.2015] Added in game.
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