HV Pistol Ammo

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HV Pistol Ammo — is ammo for nine-millimeter weapons. Compared to pistol bullet, these have approximately 110% higher airspeed. Most suitable for use over long distances, because it reduces the chance of the victim of evading or changing the position. To compare with the usual ammunition, this type causes about 40% more damage.

How to craft HV Pistol Ammo (Recipe)

You need to know the recipe to create HV Pistol Ammo. It can be obtained randomly, by opening the blueprint book or studying it at the research table.

HV Pistol Ammo.png
HV Pistol Ammo.png 3x HV Pistol Ammo
Sulfur.png 40 Sulfur
Wood.png 42 Wood
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create HV Pistol Ammo you must follow these steps:

  1. Get 10 Metal Ore, 40 Sulfur Ore and 42 wood.
  2. Mined ore must be melted in the Furnace or Large Furnace to get the 40 sulfur and 10 metal fragments.
  3. During the smelting of ore you get coal. You will need only 60 units.
  4. From 60 charcoal units and 40 sulfur you will need to create 20 gun powder.
  5. From 10 metal fragments and 20 gun powder 3 hv pistol ammo are created.

The process of creating bullets themselves will take 10 seconds.

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