Sulfur Ore

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Sulfur Ore - one of the types of ore. Sulfur ore can be processed in sulfur with furnace.

How to get sulfur ore

Sulfur ore is scattered on the map in the form of small stones, which you can pick up. In each of these piles 50 ore can be found. This is especially true for those who are just "woke up" and still has not got the tools.
Sulfur ore can also be extracted from rocks. For this you need the appropriate tool, such as pickaxe. For more advanced players there is an automatic ore-mining - mining quarry. Before using a quarry, you must use Survey Charge to search for ore deposits. In mountainous areas, rich deposits of sulfur ore can be found often.


Sulfur can be obtained from sulfur ore, if you put it into a burning Furnace or large furnace. For the production of 1 sulfur you will need 1 ore.

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