Drinking water (Water)

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Drinking water (Water) is a resource which use decreases player's thirst for 30 units, and also has a positive effect on the level of radiation exposure and health, it also eliminates the effect of poisoning. You can store water in barrels, cans, bota bags and small bottles. In the means of transportation it will be convenient to use a bucket.  

How to get drinking water

There are 2 ways to get clean drinking water. The first is to get it with a Large or a Small water collector. These are especially effective during weather phenomena, such as rain, fog, or snow. As soon as the water collector has accumulated some water, it can already be collected in containers. Also, water can be drunk directly from the collector.

The second is distillation of salt water. For this you need a special device - Water purifier. In order to activate it, it is necessary to fill the purifying plant with water from the ocean using buckets.

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