Assault Rifle

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Assault Rifle, which is called people "AK-47" or "Kalash" by people. It was probably the most anticipated weapon. The rifle uses bullets of 5.56mm caliber (as the Rifle). It has a fairly strong recoil, but this is compensated by a good killing power. Kalashnikov is one of the most popular weapons in the game.

Developers do not have to call it an AK-47, citing the fact that it isn`t not the copy of the original, especially with the handle of a shovel instead of a butt. However, the community has decided to make an excellent translation from the original.

The skin "Tempered AK-47" is the most expensive skin in Rust, on the Steam trading platform.


Assault rifle can shoot with any 5.56mm rounds.

How to make Kalashnikov (Recipe)

To create a Kalashnikov, it is necessary to study the recipe. It is available at the 31 level, for 63 XP points.

No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create a "Kalash", perform the following steps:

  1. Originally get units of high quality metal ore and units of wood.
  2. Mined ore is to be processed in the furnace or large furnace to get the units of High Quality metal.
  3. Create an assault rifle.

The craft of "Kalash" takes 3 minutes.


A full-scale mock-up

A videotutorial on how to make a full-scale model of assault rifle from Rust.


Update Log

  • [11.02.2016] The icon has been changed.
  • [02/11/2016] There were added 3 skins in the game:
  • [07/24/2015] The update of the crafting recipe. Metal Fragments replaced by the high quality metal.
  • [01/14/2015] Assault Rifle was added (available).
  • [01/12/2015] The model of assault rifle was added .
  • [01/05/2015] The animations for assault rifles were added .
  • [28/12/2014] Sound and blanks, world_models were added for AK-47.
  • [16/12/2014] The texture and LODs for assault rifles were added.
  • [05/12/2014] Tom Butters published the model of "Kalash".
  • [01/12/2014] Tom Butters added NormalMaps, the next are textures and LODs.
  • [21/07/2014] Tom Butters began the process of modeling Assault Rifle.
  • [06/30/2014] The concept art of "Kalash".
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