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Эта страница — перевод страницы Bandage. Перевод выполнен на 100%.

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Bandage is used to stop Bleeding, bandages restore health in small amounts, just for 5 units. It can be used for treatment of other players. After using bandages disappear from the inventory. It is recommended to take the bandages, whenever you go outside.

How to make a bandage (Recipe)

The knowledge of the recipe isn`t required to create the bandage.

Bandage.png Bandage
Cloth.png 4 Cloth
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create a bandage you will need 4 cloth and 90 seconds.


Update Log

  • [08.04.2016] Increased the stack of bandages to 3 pieces.
  • [07.05.2014] LOD is published[1] bandage models.
  • [23.04.2014] The new bondages models are published.
  1. LOD (Levels Of Detail) — a method in the three-dimensional graphics programming, that is made to create multiple versions of an object with varying degrees of detail, which can be switched depending on the distance of the object from the virtual camera.
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