Beancan Grenade

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Beancan Grenade or, as it is also called, a homemade grenade, it is an improvised explosive device, which functions are similar to F1 grenade. Grenade is a fairly effective weapon. The left mouse button is used to throw a grenade. But as a home-made grenade, its reliability is not guaranteed. Sometimes, a grenade could explode after a long delay, sometimes with a little one, and sometimes does not explode at all. If the grenade did not explode, it can pick up and throw again. Grenade damage is quite high in close quarters, and it is very likely to inflict bleeding to the damaged player.

Mechanics of the grenade

  • 70% chance that the grenade will explode within 3.5-4 seconds.
  • 15% chance that the grenade will be explode almost immediately after the throw.
  • 15% chance that the grenade will explode in a long period of time.
  • 25% chance that the grenade won`t go off.
  • 50% chance that after the grenade didn`t explode, you would be able to pick it up and reuse it.

How do grenade from a can of beans (recipe)

To create a grenade from the can of beans, it is necessary to know the recipe. It can be obtained at level 13 for 12 XP points.

Beancan Grenade.png
Beancan Grenade.png Beancan Grenade
Charcoal.png 150 Charcoal
Sulfur.png 100 Sulfur
Wood.png 105 Wood
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create a homemade grenade, you will need to process in the furnace 100 units of sulfur ore, 20 metal Ore and 105 wood. As the output we get 20 metal fragments, 100 units of sulfur and 150 charcoal. Take the charcoal and sulfur, mix them in gunpowder, you will have nearly 50 units. Now from the resulting metal fragments and gunpowder make a homemade grenade. Creation process takes 30 seconds.


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