Bone Fragments

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Bone Fragments is extracted from [[Mobs/en animal's]] carcass. Bone fragments are used to create a bone knife, a bone club, and bone arrows. You will need bone fragments for the creation of several Armor types, like Bone Armor and a Bone Helmet.

How to get the Bone fragments

Bones are acquired mainly from carcasses of animals or killed players. In this regard, it is most advantageous to hunt bears, since it is possible to get the largest number of fragments from them. Detailed mining can be found in the article "The table of Bone Fragments acquired from grinding". Also, 20 fragments can be extracted from a human and a Wolf, but the skulls will be destroyed. You can pick up 30 pieces of bones in a grave with a skeleton.

Recycling of unnecessary items into bone fragments

By using a Recycler, you can get bones from unnecessary items.

Name Category Quantity Failure chance
Bone Armor.png Bone Armor Attire 75 -
Bone Helmet.png Bone Helmet Attire 25 -
Bone Knife.png Bone Knife Weapons 15 -
Bone Club.png Bone Club Weapons 10 -
Bone Arrow.png Bone Arrow Ammo 3 -
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