Surveillance Camera (CCTV Camera)

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Surveillance Camera (CCTV Camera) - The CCTV Camera is a broken CCTV camera, unusable in its current form, but can be used in the crafting of an Auto Turret.

How to get a CCTV Camera

The CCTV Camera can be found in containers

Container Quantity Chance
Hackable Crate 1–4 23 %
Elite Tier Crate 1–3 13 %
Military Crate 1 7 %
Helicopter Crate 1 6 %
Tool Crate 1 3 %
Sunken Crate 1 1 %
Scarecrow 1 1 %

The recipe of the camera cannot be studied at a Research Table, so it cannot be crafted. There is a high chance of getting a camera if you shoot down a helicopter.

Recycling of excess items into a CCTV camera

You can recycle only one item into the camera - this is an automatic turret. The chance that you get a camera is 50%.

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