Empty Propane Tank

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Empty Propane Tank is used to create a flame turret, a flamethrower, and a water purifier.

How to get a propane tank

The tank is found in containers.

Container Quantity Chance
Sunken Chest 1–3 38%
Scarecrow 1–3 22%
Sunken Crate 1 15%
Бочка 1 8%

How to craft an empty propane tank

First, you require the tank itself (for examination). It can be done at a Research Table. You will need 1 cylinder and 75 units of scrap metal. After you learn the recipe, you can proceed to crafting. It is necessary to melt it in the furnace 100 metal ore to get 100 Metal Fragments. Add 10 units of scrap. The tank is ready.

No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace


By using a recycler you can get a number of tanks from unnecessary items.

Name Category Quantity Failure chance
Flame Turret.png Flame Turret Traps 3 -
Water Purifier.png Water Purifier Items 1 50%
Flame Thrower.png Flame Thrower Weapons 1 -

If you recycle a tank itself, you can get 1 unit of scrap metal and 50 metal fragments.

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