High Quality Metal

Уважаемые игроки, сейчас содержание проекта осуществляется на собственном энтузиазме и средствах небольшой группы альтруистов. Если Вам нравится проект и Вы заинтересованы в его развитии, то у Вас есть возможность помочь сделать наш портал еще качественнее и интереснее.
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High Quality Metal is a strategically important resource, which is also rather expensive in production. High quality metal is most often used in crafting rare types of weapons and armor such as a metal mask or an assault rifle . Also, high-quality metal is required to improve structures to armored.

How to get high quality metal


You can find metal in boxes. Mostly in redtowns.

Название Количество Шанс
Hackable Crate 3–100 46 %
Elite Tier Crate 15–71 28 %
Sunken Chest 15–24 25 %
Supply Drop 50–100 25 %
Military Crate 15–24 17 %
Minecart 1 8 %
Mine Crate 1 8 %
Scarecrow 15–24 1 %


How to get a high-quality metal

In order to produce 1 unit of high-quality metal you need 1 high-quality metal ore to be processed in a furnace or a large furnace.

No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

It is important to know that the rate of ore being processed depends on the furnace. In a large furnace the temperature is much higher than in usual, so melting the ore will take less time.


You can also get high-quality metal by recycling unnecessary items in a recycler. A detailed table of recycling can be found in the article "The table of high quality metal obtained from processing items".

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