Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo

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Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo — is an upgraded version of 5.56-mm cartridge, with higher damage. It has inflammatory properties, thereby causing additional damage. This ammunition is able to cause a fire in the wooden buildings. Such Weapons as Rifle, assault rifle or automatic turret can be loaded with this ammo.

The mechanique of work


When firing incendiary bullets buildings there is a pretty high chance of igniting the surrounding area, especially the grass. There is a chance that the fire will spread, although the likelihood of this is reduced over time. In particular risk are houses built of straw or wood. Such buildings can catch fire pretty quickly. You can knock down the flames with the help of Water Bucket/en buckets with water.


Firing at players with an incendiary ammunition increases the chance of Bleeding. The players in wooden armor are highly vulnerable to this type of munitions.


There is a possibility that the body of a dead animal can catch fire. If this happens, the amount of resources that contains the body will gradually decline until the fire finishes or the body does not burn to the bones.

How to craft Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo (Recipe)

You need to know the recipe to create Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo. It can be obtained randomly, by opening the blueprint book or studying it at the research table. It can also be found in barrels, boxes, airdrop or debris.

Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo.png
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo.png 2x Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo
Sulfur.png 40 Sulfur
Wood.png 42 Wood
Cloth.png 0.25 Cloth
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

You need to perform the following steps to create incendiary cartridge:

  1. Collect the basic set of resources, which consists of 45 of sulfur ore, 10 metal ore, 42 wood, 0.75 animal fat and 0.25 cloth.
  2. Mined ore, and wood need to be put in furnace or large furnace in order to get the 45 sulfur and 10 metal fragments.
  3. First you need to create 20 units of gun powder. To do this, you will need 40 sulfur 60 charcoal. Charcoal will remain in the furnace after firing the ore.
  4. You can get 1 low grade fuel from 0.25 cloth and 0.75 animal fat.
  5. The remaining 5 sulfur units, 10 metal fragments, 1 low-quality fuel and 20 gun powder will create 2 incendiary cartridges.

The process of creating cartridges takes 10 seconds.

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