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M249 is a weapon of a fire support. In comparison with the AK47 has a slightly lower rate, but the firepower is higher by 25%. Holosight and silencer can be installed on a machine gun.


How to make M249 (Recipe)

The recipe of the gun can not explored and created. The machine gun can only be found in the downed helicopter.

Список изменений (Update Log)

  • [12.11.2015] (Dev Blog 86) M249 was added to the dev-branch.
  • [12.11.2015] The animation of its work was added.
  • [05.11.2015] (Dev Blog 85) The work on M249 textures were finished.
  • [29.10.2015] (Dev Blog 84) M249 was updated.
  • [22.10.2015] (Dev Blog 83) The work is still in progress.
  • [15.11.2015] (Dev Blog 82) The first low-quality model.
  • [08.10.2015] (Dev Blog 81) The work on M249 was announced.
  • DPS — Used as a metric in some games to allow the player to determine their offensive power.
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