Metal ore

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Metal ore is one of the types of ore present in the game. Metal ore can be remelted into metal fragments using a furnace or a large furnace. 1 ore is necessary for the production of 1 fragment.

How to mine metal ore

75 ore can be found in metal grave crosses, but this is not the main method of mining.

Metal ore deposits

Metal ore can also be mined from metal ore deposits. To do this, you will need a suitable tool, for example a pick axe.

Jackhammer.png Pick Axe.png Salvaged Icepick.png Stone Pick Axe.png Salvaged Hammer.png Bone Club.png Rock.png
Metal Ore Node 600 600 600 485 358 286 250

Mining quarry

In case of advanced players it makes sense to use a mining quarry, which works in an automatic mode. 1350 iron ore can be mined within an hour, but it will consume 360 pcs. of Low Grade Fuel. Before you start using the quarry, you need to find a good ore deposit. survey charge can help with this. You are very likely to find rich deposits of metal ore in mountainous areas.

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