Pistol Bullet

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Pistol Bullet — the most commonly used type of ammunition. This cartridges are loaded with such types of firearms as revolver and thompson. The strength of the damage equals 9mm shell 30, and its velocity is 200 units.

How to craft a pistol bullet (Recipe)

To create a pistol bullet you need to know the recipe. It can be found in barrels, boxes, airdrop or debris. Also, the recipe can be found by opening blueprint fragment (20 pieces), or explore at research table.

Pistol Bullet.png
Pistol Bullet.png 4x Pistol Bullet
Sulfur.png 10 Sulfur
Wood.png 10.5 Wood
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

For the creation of pistol bullets you will need 10 Metal Fragments, 5 Gun Powder. The metal fragments can be obtained by processing in the Furnace or Large Furnace 10 units Metal Ore. For the creation of gun powder you will need 15 Charcoal (10.5 Wood processed in furnace) and 10 sulfur (10 units of Sulfur Ore processed in furnace).
There are 4 bullets created at once, craft lasts for 10 seconds

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Crafting ammo calculator

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