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Rope is the only item in the game that is not measured in "pieces", as every other thing in Rust. Here we use "feet". A rope is mainly used for crafting clothing.

How to get rope

It is not possible to create a rope, however, placing it in a component recycler will get you 15 pcs. of fabric. It can be purchased at a components vending maching for 30 fabrics per 1 foot. It can also be found in containers:

Container Quantity Chance
Sunken Chest 1–6 ft 63%
Sunken Crate 1–2 ft 28%
Бочка 1–2 ft 15%

The recycling of items into a rope

By using a recycler you can get a rope from some items. A detailed table of required items can be found in the article "The table of items that can be recycled into a rope".

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