SMG Body (SMG Body)

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SMG Body (SMG Body) is the main ingredient for creating an MP5, a self-made submachine gun and a Thompson.

How to get a submachine gun

A rifle body cannot be crafted, but it can be found in containers.

Name Quantity Chance
Hackable Crate 1–5 45%
Elite Tier Crate 1–3 28%
Military Crate 1 17%
Military Tunnel Scientist 1 3%
Roaming Scientist 1 1%

Processing items into a rifle body

You can use a Recycler to get the body from recycled items.

Name Category Quantity Chance
MP5A4.png MP5A4 Weapons 1 50%
Custom SMG.png Custom SMG Weapons 1 50%
Thompson.png Thompson Weapons 1 50%

How to recycle a rifle body

By placing the body of an SMG in a recycler, you can get 15 Scrap units and 2 high quality metal bullions.

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