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Scrap (Scrap) is an important resource. A large number of items require scrap metal to be crafted. You will also need it while studying items at a Research Table. Scrap metal is often used as a “currency”; in the in-game stores, scrap metal can be exchanged for other items and vice versa.

How to get scrap

Scrap metal can not be crafted, it can be obtained by negotiation, recycling unnecessary items, or by looting containers. The table below shows the drop chances of scrap.

Container Quantity Chance
Sunken Crate 5 100%
Crate 5 100%
Military Crate 8 100%
Primitive Crate 3 100%
Tool Crate 5 100%
Бочка 2 100%
Elite Tier Crate 25 100%
Sunken Chest 10 89%
Military Tunnel Scientist 8–33 36%
Roaming Scientist 8–22 24%
Bandit Camp Guard 8–11 17%
Outpost Scientist 8–11 17%

Recycling of unwanted items into scrap

A list of items which can be used to obtain some scrap metal. In order to get them, use a recycler.

Name Quantity
Rifle Body.png Rifle Body 25
Electric Fuse.png Electric Fuse 20
Tech Trash.png Tech Trash 20
Semi Automatic Body.png Semi Automatic Body 15
SMG Body.png SMG Body 15
Gears.png Gears 10
Nailgun.png Nailgun 10
Metal Spring.png Metal Spring 10
Sheet Metal.png Sheet Metal 8
Metal Pipe.png Metal Pipe 5
Road Signs.png Road Signs 5
Metal Blade.png Metal Blade 2
Empty Propane Tank.png Empty Propane Tank 1
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