Semi-Automatic Pistol (Semi-Automatic Pistol)

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Semi-Automatic Pistol (Semi-Automatic Pistol) is a small weapon that has a clip with 8 cartridges and uses the 9mm ammunition. Similar to the P250 from Rust Legacy. It has a relatively high accuracy and easy sight, which makes the weapon more convenient compared to the revolver.

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Revolver uses all types of 9mm ammo.

How to make a semi-automatic pistol (Recipe)

You need to know the recipe for a semi-automatic pistol. It becomes available at level 21, and you need to spend 12 XP to study it.

No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To craft a gun is necessary to extract and process in furnace or large furnace units of High quality metal ore. The result should be units of High quality metal. To the metal you`ve got add cloth, then you can begin assembling weapons. The process of creating takes 3 minutes.

3D model


Has 4 extra skins.


Weapons crafting calculator

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