Stone Hatchet

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Stone Hatchet can be used as a weapon or a tool to gather resources. This is the second after the tool rock for resource extraction. With its help, the production is much faster. It has little damage and you can hunt "peaceful" animals with it. For aggressive animals you still need to make weapons. To craft the hatchet, you will need Wood and Stones, which are found everywhere, so early in the game it makes sense to get them as soon as possible.

Starting with the version 687.80, you can throw a stone hatchet and it gets the properties of projectile weapons ( see "Damage types"). You can pick up the hatchet after the throw.

Stone Hatchet

How to make a Stone Hatchet

You know the recipe from the very beginning.

Stone Hatchet.png
Stone Hatchet.png Stone Hatchet
Wood.png 200 Wood
Stones.png 100 Stones
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

You need 100 stones and 200 wood in order to create a stone hatchet. The process of creation takes seconds.


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Update Log

  • [30.10.2015] 687.80 A hatchet can be thrown.
  • DPS — Used as a metric in some games to allow the player to determine their offensive power.
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