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Stones is a basic building material of the game. The stone is widely used in building and improvement of buildings. Most of the buildings are made of stone. Also, some types of weapons and ammunition are made of stone. It is with the help of this resource that tools like stone hatchet and stone pick axe are important for beginners. Stones are required for the creation of certain types of weapons, for example a stone spear. Ammunition such as Arrows and handmade shells also have stone as one of the components.

How to get stones

The ore is scattered on the map in small pebbles, each of which contains 50 stones, this is an especially great source of stone for those who have just "woken up" and did not get any tools.
Stones can also be extracted from stone ore deposits. You will need a suitable tool, for example a pick axe. For more advanced players there is a mining quarry. As with other types of ore, before using the quarry, it is necessary to conduct some area exploration and find a stone deposit. For this, use a geological charge.
By using a recycler, you can get a certain amount of stones from the items you don't need.

Jackhammer.png Pick Axe.png Salvaged Icepick.png Stone Pick Axe.png Salvaged Hammer.png Bone Club.png Rock.png
Stone ore nodes 1000 1000 1000 794 536 450 375

Recycling items into stone

You can also get wood by recycling unnecessary items in a recycler. A detailed list of items for recycling can be found in the article "The table of stone acquired after recycling".

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