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You shouldn`t underestimate the usefulness of traps in Rust. Their proper location can save your base.

Name Craft
Snap Trap.png Snap Trap
A metal trap that can injure people and animals.
Metal FragmentsTransparent item.png
Land Mine.png Land Mine
An old military Landmine. If you stand on one, you can ask a friend to disarm it before it explodes.
Metal FragmentsTransparent item.png
Gun PowderTransparent item.png
Wooden Floor Spikes.png Wooden Floor Spikes
A set of spikes that will slow down and hurt anyone that walks over them.
WoodTransparent item.png
Auto Turret.png Auto Turret
This automated sentry turret will engage and neutralize any moving targets it has line of sight to. You must load it with standard 5.56 ammunition. Note : The turret will search for targets in a 180 degree arc facing *you* when you place it.
Used: 5.56 Rifle Ammo.png
Targeting ComputerTransparent item.png
CCTV CameraTransparent item.png
Assault RifleTransparent item.png
High Quality MetalTransparent item.png
Survival Fish Trap.png Survival Fish Trap
Traps fish, place on the shore and load with bait.
WoodTransparent item.png
ClothTransparent item.png
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